The History behind Høkeren

Interiør Høkeren

The museum shop is housed in an 18th century building that was carefully restored by the Town of Kerteminde in cooperation with the museum.

The idea to recreate an old fashioned peddler's shop popped up in 1983 when the Kerteminde Business Council celebrated its 100th anniversary. Between the Council, the museum, the local school and the town, everyone pitched in to furnish the old house with original inventory from some of the old stores that were modernizing at the time, and to decorate its surroundings. 

The town provided the building free of charge, the Business Council provided the expertise to set the store up and order the merchandise, pupils from the school worked as store clerks and the town even gave financial support. The pupils named the store "Høkeren" (The Peddler). It later was taken over by Kerteminde Museums.

There was actually a country store in the same building in the early 1900's. The present museum shop staff works with a variety of wholesalers all over Denmark to get an assortment of wares that look just like the ones available way back when. From floor to ceiling there are all sorts of goods, from wooden toys to pickled herring in a barrel. Most people hang around for a long time, they love the atmosphere and don't want to leave! 


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