Hindsholm Egnsmuseum

The museum is housed in the former Martofte School. It has three kinds of artefacts: a large collection of historical tools used in the household, the workshop and the fields, a collection of prehistoric stone tools found mostly during ditch-digging, and a collection of stuffed birds. The museum is the fruition of one man's lifelong effort to collect and preserve the historical  evidence from his hometown and his area.

In 1995, Charles Nielsen donated his huge collection to the Town of Kerteminde. At this time, the decision was made to exhibit the collection at the former Martofte School - in fact, a school that Charles Nielsen had been instrumental in deciding to build when he was on the parish municipal board; he also was part of the construction team that built the school. In 1997, the new Hindsholm Museum became part of Kerteminde Museums.

Charles Nielsen was a farm and construction labourer on Hindsholm all his working life. His collection of tools and other objects reflects life in the country and the surroundings he was part of. His collections are a monument to the country worker's life in the early 20th century.

The Collections at Hindsholm Museum

This collection consists primarily of tools used for hard, manual labour in the country before the advent of mechanization. They are the wedge used for splitting stone, the roof thatcher's long needles, the blacksmith's pliers and much more.

There are finds from all over Hindsholm in this collection, but most of them come from the fields belonging to the manor farm, Scheelenborg. Charles Nielsen was a hired hand there in the 1950's when ditches were being dug to drain the recently reclaimed bottomland behind the dikes. Charles Nielsen found a great many artefacts during this project, some rough, primitive tools, others highly refined knives, axes and spearheads of flint that were among the Stone Age farmer's most useful possessions.

Charles Nielsen was also keenly interested in nature, especially animals. This collection includes over 400 birds, fish and crustaceans like crayfish, crabs and lobster, almost all caught and stuffed by Charles Nielsen himself. 



New light on the past
4. April 2017
Landscape & Archaeology

Data from several thousand detector finds will now, for the first time, will be gathered and studied to throw new light on the transition from the prehistoric period to the historic period.

Eastern Funen well-represented at the Danefæ* exhibition
4. April 2017
Landscape & Archaeology

An amazing 40 finds from eastern Funen, located by metal-detector searching, are on display at the Danish National Museum’s Danefæ exhibition

Rare find of weapons from the Stone Age
4. April 2017
Landscape & Archaeology

Handsome medalion found at Nyborg Castle
4. April 2017
Nyborg Slot

A small but extremely handsome medalion made from an antler was found in January by Hans Ulrik Riisgård from Kerteminde