Christmas at the Museums of Eastern Funen

Tid: December 2019 - January 2020
Sted: Eastern Funen Museums

Visit the museums in the holiday and feel the Christmas spirit!

Stop by and visit the Museums of Eastern Funen in the Christmas holiday! We got a lot of christmas activities for the entire family. Feel the holiday spirit, get inspired, get new ideas for the christmas wrapping and gift shopping!

The Mayor's Yard

The Mayor's Yard is open for christmas!
Visit the well-decorated Mayor’s Yard and Museum Shop. During December, there will be hands-on workshops, including one where the Christmas pig will be cut up and prepared for dinner!

Renaissance Christmas
One of the high points will be the presentation of this year’s Christmas glass ball!

Christmas market
We will be selling such items as homemade hard candy, snaps (aquavit), Christmas elf dolls and knitted clothing and accessories. The Costume Guild will hold a raffle and host a taproom. Live music and elves that like to tease.

Nyborg Castle’s Costume Guild will be present on both Saturdays and Sundays.


The Johannes Larsen Museum

Christmas tables
November 15 to January 5 2020.
Selected artists and the Johannes Larsen Museum will set four beautiful tables for Christmas in honor of the holiday. 

Johannes Larsens Birthday
December 27. 
As per tradition, there will be free entrance to the Johannes Larsen Museum on the bird painter’s birthday, December 27.

Enjoy the holiday at the Kaffehuset
December 27 to 29, 2019
The Coffee House is serving a speciel menu on the occasion of the holiday! There will among other things be the danish kind of an open sandwich called smørrebrød.


The Dyer's Yard and the Peddlar's Shop

The Dyer's Yard and the Peddlar's Shop is open!
November 19 to december 23.
Do you need to find a present to put under the tree or in the Christmas stockings? Or do you just want to enjoy some Christmas spirit without any hustle and bustle?


The day of the Battle
Thursday, 14 november from 10 AM to 4 PM
Tinghuset, Stendamsgade 9

Genuine objects from the battlefield

Christmas tables
15. november 2019- 5. january 2020
Johannes Larsen Museet

 Come and see what the tables look like this year!

We're open for Christmas at the Peddler's Store and at the Dyer's Yard
19. november - 23 december 2019
The Peddler's Store and at the Dyer's Yard

Battle training
Sunday 27. october at 10 AM-1 PM
The Viking Museum at Ladby

The Viking battle group Pàlna-Tòkis Freimænd practice their battle training


Ornithological Artists Selected
29. May 2019

Artists have now been selected for the BIRD 2019 exhibition, which will be more comprehensive than ever before.

New Acquisition for the Syberg Collection
29. May 2019

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired Fritz Syberg’s painting, Maritime Scene with Sailing Ships, Storm Approaching from 1906

Bronze Age Finds at Ullerslev
29. May 2019

Spectacular Detector Finds from the Bronze Age Indicate the Outlines of a Sacred Landscape at Ullerslev.

Hall Even Older Than First Assumed
29. May 2019

What we believed was a large Viking hall on Munkebo Hill turns out to be the biggest building on Funen from the Late Germanic Iron Age.