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Dødeskibet Stormand
Viking Age
The World of the Ladby King
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

Permanent exhibition

What did the Vikings look like? What did they believe in? What was their way of living?

Mød brodøserne 1
Meet the embroiderers
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Wednesdays from 11 AM - 1 PM

The volunteer embroiderers create beautiful copies in the villa.

Hænder der syr
Meet the embroiderers
Sted: Viking Museum Ladby

Every Wednesday from 11-14

The story of the Ladby Ship is told with needle and thread.

Costume Guild
Meet Nyborg Castle’s Costume Guild
Sted: The Mayor’s Yard

Every Friday from 10-12, March 1st to October 25th

Come and try on one of their beautiful, historic costumes and get your picture taken in the picturesque courtyard.

Combat training
Sted: Viking Museum Ladby

Last Sunday of the month from 10-13

See an actual Viking battle!

Unge medskabere
Louder and Crazier
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museet

April 5 - June 23, 2019

16 young people have selected works of art from the collection and created a unique exhibition.

Jakob og Johanne foran Borgmestergården
For children
Jakob and Johanne invite you to come inside
Sted: Mayor's Yard

During opening hours

Come along with Jakob and Johanne on an exciting tour in the Mayor’s Yard.

Anatoly Marchenko in memoriam
Peter Brandes
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museet

May 26 - September 22, 2019

Major anniversary exhibition to celebrate the artist Peter Brandes’s 75th birthday.

Vikings at War
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

June, 7 2019 - May, 31 2020

Come and see weapons, unique finds and fascinating artefacts!


Gade op og gade ned
Up and Down the Streets
Sted: Toldboden

June 14 - December 1, 2019

Summer exhibition at Toldboden


Valdemar Sejr
Valdemar the Conqueror and the Dannebrog
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

June 16 - October 31, 2019

To mark the 800th anniversary of the year the Dannebrog fell from the sky, the Mayor’s Yard is spotlighting Valdemar the Conqueror and the Dannebrog.

170801_Ladby _0009
Summer Acticities
Summer Activities at the Viking Museum
Sted: The Viking Museum

Tuesday and Thursday in week 27 -31

Activities for the whole family!

Anniversary exhibition
Funen Spring
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

July 6 - October 6, 2019

The Funen Spring Exhibition celebrates 90 years.

Danehof 2019
The Middle Ages
Danehof 2019
Sted: Nyborg Castle and town

July 6 & 7, 2019

Medieval Market, Food Market, Jousting Tournament and much, much more.

Munkebo Ladbydragen
Munkebo Viking Day
Sted: Munkebo Harbour

August 24, from 11 AM - 5 PM

Fun activities at Munkebo!

Piger på legeplads
Fjord Day 2019
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

Sunday september 8, from 10 AM - 4 PM

Come to Fjord Day at the Viking Museum Ladby.


Kamp 1
The Middle Ages
Nordic Battle Days 2019
Sted: The rampart area around Nyborg Castle

September 7 and 8, 2019

Art exhibition
BIRD 2019
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

September 28, 2019 - January 26, 2020

A new exhibition focuses on birds in art in the year 2019!