The lords and ladies of the castle were not vegetarians

10. January 2020 | Nyborg Castle

Deer, elk, fish, pork and beef: they lived well at Nyborg Castle, back when it was inhabited by feudal overlords and kings. The proof is in the many finds of animal bones from the palace yard and nearby areas.

The many bones, fish scales, antlers and more, found in the earth during excavations in the palace yard, are presently being sorted and examined. Finds of animal bones can namely tell us what people ate in the past at Nyborg Castle. By defining which animal the various bones come from, we can get an idea of what types of meat dishes were prepared at the castle.

Right now, you can see a small selection of bones from deer, pigs and fish, found in the castle yard, in the information pavilion near the castle. Can you perhaps guess which is which?


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