Hollow tree trunks gave Nyborg residents clean water

10. January 2020 | Nyborg Castle

The water supply of olden times in Nyborg has revealed itself under the town square.

Today, we get water just by turning on the faucet. Not so in the 1500’s - but maybe it wasn’t that far off. Because in Nyborg, there was an extraordinary, ingenious, underground system of wooden pipes that transported clean water to the residents of the town. Right to each individual farm or house. Now more of these wooden pipes have been found under the town square, telling the story of King Christian lll’s ambition to make Nyborg a modern, Renaissance town.

With thick, hollowed-out tree trunks, connected with sleeves of iron or lead, water was carried to the houses in town, as early as the 1500’s. The system branched out, so many of the farms and houses in town had their own wells. This water supply lasted a long time, until 1876, when the town established a new waterworks.


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