Baltic Pipe gives employment to archaeologists

10. January 2020 | landscape and archeology

In February, archaeological excavations will begin on Funen, prior to the laying of the Baltic Pipe pipeline.

The laying of Baltic Pipe’s pipeline will also give employment to the archaeologists at the Museums of Eastern Funen. The route of the pipeline will go through eastern Funen and south of Odense. The Museums of Eastern Funen will carry out the excavations along the route marked in red on the above map. The blue dots show where there are registered archaological finds.

A 32 m. wide belt will be investigated

The first stage will involve a primary investigation of the entire area where the pipeline will be laid, looking for prehistoric or historic traces. This is done by laying search trenches in an area that is 32 m. wide, where the pipeline will be laid. The uppermost layer of arable soil will be removed and laid aside, so the raw earth underneath can be checked for traces of habitation, etc. In those locations where there will be storage of pipes or working areas, more of the raw earth will be investigated.

The archaeological excavations are expected to be complete by December, 2020.


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