A new bird from Larsen’s hand

10. January 2020 | Johannes Larsen Museum

Johannes Larsen: Fuglebur. 1939

Newly acquired Larsen drawing shows the painter’s pleasure over a little bit of indoor nature.

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired this fine Larsen drawing in pen and ink with watercolour, 52 x 52 cm in size, drawn in 1939, from Bruun-Rasmussen Art Auctions. The motif is one of the family’s canaries in a cage in the sitting room (the red room) in the villa. Traditionally, the image of a bird in a cage has symbolized a longing for freedom or escape. But typically for Johannes Larsen, it was more the immediate, simple experience of the bird, and pleasure over its living presence so close by, and the potted plants that mark the impression of this little piece of indoor nature. In addition to the bird in the cage, the viewer will especially take note of the lively presentation of the window, whose lush, green play of colours will remind one of his sister, Christine Swane’s, colouristic universe. This effect is underlined by the curtain’s and the wall’s dark tones, adding dynamism to the picture through their diagonal composition.

The new acquisition, which can be seen in The Collection (Samlingen), was made possible through financial support from the Agency for Culture and Palaces and from the Kerteminde Museum Association.



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