About us

Østfyns Museums is a big museum with responsibility in Nyborg and Kerteminde Municipalities.
The museum covers 9 visit places, and the main attractions are Nyborg Castle, Viking Museum Ladby and Johannes Larsen Museum.
About 100 people work at the museum.


The day of the Battle
Thursday, 14 november from 10 AM to 4 PM
Tinghuset, Stendamsgade 9

Genuine objects from the battlefield

Christmas tables
15. november 2019- 5. january 2020
Johannes Larsen Museet

 Come and see what the tables look like this year!

We're open for Christmas at the Peddler's Store and at the Dyer's Yard
19. november - 23 december 2019
The Peddler's Store and at the Dyer's Yard

Battle training
Sunday 27. october at 10 AM-1 PM
The Viking Museum at Ladby

The Viking battle group Pàlna-Tòkis Freimænd practice their battle training